Marianela Holly (Colombia)

Marianela Holly (Colombia)

Art Education: Bellas Artes (Cali – Colombia b. 1972).  Marianela grew up surrounded by walls decorated with copies of renaissance paintings –  always intrigued by the idealized mythological characters, what they represented, and how they were portrayed.

After working as a artist for over 17 years and falling in love with pop art, its colors, and playfulness, she decided to bring back the characters she grew up with into her art.

Marianela plays with the relationship between characters, clothes, settings, and feelings. She looks at Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, for example, and asks herself where he would have chosen to be born if he had been given the opportunity.

“By night, the lights of art lifted my heart and spirit. By day, the reality of life pulled me downward to earth. Day after day, work filled my time and claimed my energy. Night after night, dreams invaded my sleep. To me these were my invitations to create something of beauty with my hands.” M.Holly.

Recent Exhibitions

Lucid Gallery
“Lovely Night”
April– 2014, Princeton, FL

Art Fusion Galleries
“Subjects of Splendor”
2nd Award – Annual International Fine Arts Competition
April 13 – 2013, Miami, FL

The Art League of Fort Myers
A National Juried Art Competition Excellence Award
November 2 – 2012, Fort Myers, FL

OMA Orlando Museum of Art,
April 7 – 2011, Orlando, FL




White Porch Gallery @ R House
2727 2nd Avenue NW
Wynwood Miami, FL 33127
(786) 529-5304


White Porch Inn Art Hotel
7 Johnson Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
(508) 364-2549


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